Mrs Joy Victor

Joy Victor, the founder of THE UNIQUE LIFE FOUNDATION, is deeply committed to improving maternal, newborn, and child health, as well as female sexual and reproductive health, and blood disorder management. Her journey began with a personal discovery about her blood group’s rhesus factor, prompting her to educate her community, especially women, about its importance.

Originally believing she was O+ due to family history and official documents, Joy’s perspective shifted when medical testing revealed her blood type to be O-. This led her to question and verify the results, eventually realizing the significance of her rhesus factor in healthcare, particularly during pregnancy and other medical procedures involving blood.

Motivated by her own experiences, she took it upon herself to raise awareness about this important information, emphasizing its relevance in various healthcare scenarios like pregnancy, miscarriage, and blood transfusions. She recognized the lack of awareness in maternal care, particularly Rhesus factor incompatibility, and advocated for comprehensive testing and timely preventive measures, like the Anit-D immunoglobulin shot.

Despite encountering obstacles, Mrs Joy remains steadfast in her mission to ensure optimal healthcare for herself and others. Through THE UNIQUE LIFE FOUNDATION, she continues to empower individuals particularly girls and women with access to knowledge and resources to make informed decisions and safeguard their health.

Mrs Joy’s dedication serves as a driving force in bridging gaps in healthcare awareness and accessibility, inspiring positive change in maternal and reproductive healthcare globally.