Every donation brings us one step closer to a world where everyone enjoys the health and well-being they deserve. From mothers and newborns to families facing blood disorders, your support makes the difference.


Bank Name: United Bank of Africa (UBA)

Account Name : TULFoundation

Account No. 10123945208


Your generosity is changing lives

Empowerment Through Knowledge: Your donation helps us disseminate vital health information that empowers individuals and communities to make informed health decisions.

Direct Impact: Every dollar contributed goes directly towards programs that improve access to health care and support services, directly affecting the lives of mothers, newborns, children, and individuals affected by blood disorders.

Sustainable Change: We’re not just about immediate relief but long-term solutions. Your support helps us build sustainable health education and support networks that will continue to serve communities for generations to come.

A Global Family: When you donate to the TUL Foundation, you become part of a global family of change-makers, united in the mission to forge a healthier, brighter future for all.